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Terms of replacement and return of the product By purchasing the product from Bellmondo you agree to the terms of protection and return of the products. Delivery time is needed to satisfy the production in each product and depending on the company from which the product was purchased. Delivery completed by the company or their delivery partner.

In case of periods, there may be a possibility of obtaining and if that case is faced with solving another problem and user. Somehow company is available for any questions. Production replacement. For each product there is a possibility of replacement within 15 days after the purchase of the product. If it can be enabled to get the opportunity to do so. Replacement is available only in case the product is defective, damaged or if the wrong product is sent. The product wou be replaced with a new one. Only you can not use it and save it in the original packaging. Permanent replacement option in case of production has better quality, but can not satisfy the purchase in terms of shape, size, model, color, the fact, or for other reasons, borne by the Buyer. If you do not have better quality or you will receive an error or damaged production of the buyer, he can turn in case you will receive additional and possible other costs for the replacement, if you have the opportunity for production from which it was ordered. The replacement is available only with receipt of a new product.

There is a possibility to return the product in the company’s free time within 15 days after purchase. The cost of vomiting is at the expense of the buyer. The product can only be returned if not used and saved in the original packaging. After returning the product, the user can receive a return to the intermediate level by pre-sending an email to

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